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The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia is one of the commercial banks in the Republic of South Sudan. The bank has its base in Ethiopia and was established in 1942. It has 433 branches in Ethiopia. The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia is the state owned bank of Ethiopia.


In January 2009, a request was made by the state owned Commercial Bank of Ethiopia to start its banking operations in the Republic of South Sudan. On January 18, 2009, the Public Financial Enterprises Supervisory Agency (PFESA) has approved 15 million dollars and has given the green light for CBE's request. As per the banking regulations of the South Sudan, a minimum of 15 million dollars establishment capital for foreign firms to enter the industry in its territory.

The CBE-Southern Sudan Ltd. Juba Branch was opened in the capital city of Juba. The branch is operational since June 22, 2009.

Services offered

The CBE-Southern Sudan Ltd. Juba Branch offers the following services:

  • Deposits
  • Money transfer
  • Cash management
  • Documentary Credit and collection
  • Bank guarantee


The subsidiary office of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia is located at the following address:

CBE-Southern Sudan Limited, Juba Branch
Southern Sudan
Juba Town

The branch can be contacted at the following numbers: +249-927639407, +249-128654967 and +249-955001079


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